The Aeternitas Mega – the most complicated wristwatch in the world - is the pinnacle of success in the art of watchmaking in terms of complexity and complications. With 36 complications and 1’483 components, the Aeternitas Mega is a wonder of micro-mechanic and watchmaking know-how.


REVOLUTION / evolution

The Revolution 3 is a world premiere and one of the masterpiece of the Franck Muller collection. After years of development, Franck Muller revolutionized the watchmaking industry by making the very first tri-axial tourbillon in the world: the Revolution 3, an exceptional technical spectacle.


fast tourbillon

This tourbillon, the fastest in the world, completes one rotation in only five seconds and is powered by nothing less than four barrels. It features an exclusive escapement mechanism that is completely reversed from a traditional one.


giga tourbillon

The Giga Tourbillon features the biggest tourbillon in the world ever seen in a wristwatch. This masterpiece embraces a 20 mm diameter tourbillon on the dial that occupies half of the watch. To power this huge tourbillon and to ensure the 9 days of power reserve, four barrels were necessary.


perpetual cALENDAR

With its mesmerizing mechanics, Franck Muller’s Perpetual Calendars perfectly combine ancestral tradition and great technique. Our Perpetual Calendars display the day, the date, the month, the leap years and the moon phase until the year 2100. 


Tourbillon Minute Repeater Skeleton

Franck Muller never ceases to amaze Haute Horlogerie lovers with spectacular creations. This one of a kind timepiece presents a Minute Repeater and a Tourbillon, the utmost complicated complications, a perfect delivery by Franck Muller.



The new Gravity features a spectacular concept of tourbillon cage demonstrated by its innovative elliptical structure. Wholly in-house designed and manufactured, the bridge and the pillars of the tourbillon have been completely reinvented into an elliptical circle with a diameter of 21.2mm and an height of 7.7mm giving the timepiece a three dimensional aspect.